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Ester formation & amount of acid catalyst needed

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    Hi ive been reading a lot about esters and have the general idea but im not sure about exact amounts of acid catalyst needed.
    say the following experiment was tro be carried out to form an ester
    *X moles of R-C=O(OH)
    *10X moles of R2-C-OH
    *How much H2SO4 would be needed?
    i read a few drops are needed, but a few drops per what?per mole of carboxylic acid?alcohol?
    any answers comments appreciated, thanks :!!)
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    I'm pretty sure it's carboxylic acid
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    Whenever I have done a Fisher esterification the amount of acid called for has been exceptionally small (e.g. 0.002 equivalents relative to acid) so I don't think that the concentration is very important. That said, additional acid probably won't cause problems unless your alcohol or acid/ester and especially acid sensitive.
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    thanks alot for the links tutor n for the advice movies, both very helpfull.i think i have everything i need now :smile:
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