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Estimating internal (junction) temperature

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    I use a kind of motion sensor located in a sealed metal enclosure.
    I perform temperature offset calibrating to this device, using an external temperature sensor (attached to the enclosure). This solves the most of temperature problems except when the temperature gradient is large - for instance for 1'st 5 minutes afrer powering the device.
    After checking this issue my conclusion was that in fast temperature gradients the temperature delta between the case temperature (Tcase, the one i measure) and internal (Tj) temperature is too large so i don't compensate the real offset error.

    My question is if there is a simple method to estimate the internal temperature (Tj), if at the beginning (before powering up the sensor) the external and internal temperatures are equal Tcase=Tj.

    Is there good information about it on the web?

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    someone.... please....
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