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Estimating Someone's Height From Their Stride Length

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    I am at a school where you have to work at your own pace and if you don't finish, you have to continue the course next semester. Unfortuneatly, my next semester is in September so I am trying to get everything done this summer so that I can do the exam as soon as possible. I have a final project that I have to do so here is my question:

    I was given a picture of two feet. Underneath the first foot is a line stretching across the whole thing and 4cm to show how long the foot is. From the end of the line to the end of the second foot is another line with 15cm which measures the gap between the two feet and the second foot. Doing the equation, I have figured out that the stride length is 11cm. I now need to know how to figure out the height of the person.

    Does anyone have any clue how to do it???
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    They should have given you the ratio between stride length and the person's height. Multiply.
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    First work out if there is any correlation by taking samples. Then analyse the results. Note that there may not be a constant ratio between height and stride length.
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