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Eta -> gamma gamma

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    eta --> gamma gamma

    Could someone help me on this. Iso spin is not conserved in EM interaction. How can we say isospin is not conserved in the 'eta -> 2 gamma' decay.The eta has I =1 and I3 =0 and for the gamma I = 0 ,1. Thanks a lot
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    Re: eta --> gamma gamma

    The gamma has no defined Ispin since Ispin is not conserved if a gamma is involved.
    The eta has I=0, not 1.
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    Re: eta --> gamma gamma

    Thanks for the reply, that's my typing mistake, I=0 for eta.
    OK. LHS I = 0 RHS I = not defined
    So, isospin is not conserved. Is that the way to explain non conservation of isospin
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