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Eternal evolution of energy

  1. Mar 21, 2005 #1

    In my mind my consciousness sheds light on an idea. The idea is to move my right hand towards my left hand and my left hand towards the right, so that a sound is produced. I put my ideas to action: CLAP! :shy:

    This idea->action is not for any use. This idea is irrational, as there is nothing to applaude. It transforms into a spontanious manifestation of currents through to my muscles, and is using a fraction of energy, with a resulting sonic energy dispersed into my surrounding space/time.

    It is a simple example of the non-physical (mind/consciousness) affecting the physical (energy, matter).

    I would suggest that the mind is also affected by this action, in a symbiotic relationship: an inevitable give and take of some sort of higher energy. ie. the memory of the action and experience is now part of my mind etc.

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