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Ethanol Explained

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    There is some Good news
    and bad news
    Is this ture?
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    Broadly doesn't sound too far off the mark.

    If you want eye-opening facts, research what area of arable farmland would be required to grow sufficient crops to enable the USA to switch from petrol to ethanol.
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    "UK transport would require 100 Billion Litres/year requiring 200,000[tex]km^2 [/tex] of arable land... Total UK land area 240,000[tex]km^2[/tex]"

    Still..... I guess its still worth researching.
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    One thing I think could be a possible solution is genetically engineered crops. If we could change the growth rate characteristics and size of the crops used to produce ethanol, we could significantly increase the yields for the same land area utilized. I do not know how much effort is being put into that though. Brasil is a large country. 25% of their transportation uses Ethanol, and they even export Ethanol to other countries.
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