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Ethanol & Fermentation

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    I have read that ethanol is produced by fermenting sugar, but I do not know what kind. I also read ethanol is produced by fermenting cellulose, which is correct?
    I've heard that ethanol can be produced from grass and newspaper, is there anything special you have to do to it?
    What crop/organic substance produces the most ethanol or contains the most substance that can be fermented?
    Is there anything I can add to increase the fermentation rate?
    I want to make a small fermentation plant to produce 20 gallons per month, can this be done in a 10' cube?
    Why don't ethanol producers simply recreate the chemical reactions yeast would do instead of the long process of fermenttion?
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    What gets left behind after fermentation (solid waste)?
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    You may want to look at this.

    The major problem of producing ethanol from cellulose is the breakdown of cellulose into simple and useable sugar by the microorganisms.
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    According to that article the cellulose is incased in Lignin. The removal of the cellulose from the lignin is the hardest part. But all my encyclopedias and sources say that lignin is removed in the process of making paper , so wouldnt fermentation of paper be easy cheap?
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