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Ethanol Lower flammability

  1. Nov 25, 2014 #1
    The lower flammability point of ethanol is 3.5% v/v. How can I work out the max volume of ethanol in a specified space to be lower than the flammability point
    If I have a 100l vessel 3.5% will be 3.5l of vapour in that 100l vessel that will make it ignitable - how can I convert 3.5 l of ethanol vapour back to the volume of ethanol as liquid(pressure and t at ambient at this point)
    Thank u
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    You can have an estimate by assuming the vapors behave like an ideal gas.
    In normal conditions, you can find the number of moles in 3.5 L of vapors like
    Then multiply by molar mass o get the mass of ethanol in these 3.5 L.
    And knowing the mass and density of liquid you can find the volume of liquid.
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