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Ethernet cables draws current?

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    It is the second occurence. In the morning, when i turn on my computer, i figure out that it has around 4-6% battery powe missing. At night, only the ethernet cable (and usb mouse, but i eleminated it as a suspect for the power theft :cool: ) is plugged in.

    So could be that the thief here is the ethernet cable??
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    So, be a scientist. Unplug the ethernet cable tonight & see what happens. :biggrin:
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    Yes, that I will do. I will uncover the culprit behind this. :D
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    Your ethernet card might have remote-wake capability, meaning it stays awake listening for instructions to boot the computer up. You might want to use whatever utilities that came with the card/computer to disable remote wake. You might be able to make this change in Windows XP, but in the old days you had to use a vendor-provided utility.

    On the other hand, it's a laptop -- batteries will slowly discharge even when nothing is connected to them, because they are not perfect.

    - Warren
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    most computers today use standby modes and electronic power switches these draw
    some current and there could other standby modes in the computer especially
    in laptops
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    Yes, I think this is the reason. I left the laptop overnight without being plugged to either a power source or to ethernet cable, and still there was around 2-3% battery power missing. Thanks for your replies all.
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