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Ethers are such compounds as Methoxymethane and Propoxyoctane

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    Just a very quick question.

    Ethers are such compounds as Methoxymethane and Propoxyoctane. The shortened structural forumlae for these are [tex]CH_3 O CH_3[/tex] and [tex]C_3 H_7 O C_8 H_{17}[/tex]. I was wondering if it was possible to get an Ether with two oxygen atoms dividing the hydrocarbon groups;

    E.g. Methdioxymethane [tex]CH_3 (O)_2 CH_3[/tex]

    Propdioxyoctance [tex]C_3 H_7 (O)_2 C_8 H_{17}[/tex]

    Cheers. :biggrin:

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    A molecule with two oxygen atoms connected to each other would be a peroxide, not an ether. Yes there are methods of peroxide synthesis for the two molecules you mentioned.
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    So it is:

    Methperoxymethane [tex]CH_3 (O)_2 CH_3[/tex]

    Propperoxyoctance [tex]C_3 H_7 (O)_2 C_8 H_{17}[/tex] ??

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    Let me correct myself:

    Methylperoxymethane [tex]CH_3 (O)_2 CH_3[/tex]

    Propylperoxyoctance [tex]C_3 H_7 (O)_2 C_8 H_{17}[/tex]

    That right???

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    Yes, those are correct.
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