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Ethics: Alchohol, Drugs, etc.

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    How does one go about arguing against things of this nature?

    For me, alcohol is a way to reach a state of euphoria and to rid myself of my psychological barriers (such as shyness). Of course, i see the problem with excessive drinking, since that could result in some sort of addiction to the ethanol and such. But mild euphoria as a result of alcohol does not seem to show me any signs of ethical problems.

    How would one argue against alcohol? They can't state, "One should not search to escape reality". Because, e.g. dreams are exactly that.

    I'm confused. :rolleyes:
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    because the nature of the influence of these substances can harm others, such as drunk driving.
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    It is just a bunch of fascist pigs, who would deny you the right to modify your consciousness.

    It's all fine. It's been done for millenia.

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    As a former Boy Scout, I learned our first duty is to ourselves, so I'd say that even if something doesn't hurt others (and yes, I agree that virtually every action of yours has consequences for others), it can still be morally wrong.
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    Escaping reality and entering a state of euphoria while drunk can lead to nasty results (accidentally killing someone in a barfight) or the forementioned drunk driving.

    Dreams seem to be different though in that they are not dangerous to others (unless you have the tendency to sleep-drive :biggrin: ).
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    Excuse me for not being clear.

    After thinking longer about the subject, and getting some advice from a philosophy teacher i have come down to several conclusions.

    Firstly, there is nothing wrong with drinking alchohol. It is completely normal and has been said to be even healthy (correct me if im wrong) for the human body. After all, the human body needs rest from reality; it needs to slightly detach (not fully) from these psychological barriers i talk of. Most importantly, to enter a sort-of metaphysical reality and escaping our own physical reality is truly a great thing. It gives us a time to reflect. And most of all, to relax from daily worries.

    Keep in mind, this is about drinking, NOT getting drunk. Getting drunk is extremely dangerous, and as said, can lead to serious harm to the individual and to the state.

    That is all part of the responsibility with things such as alchohol.

    Now, to relate say.. marijuana to this. Marijuan's stimulant is said to be more powerful than alchohol's. Therefore, when one receives a dosage of this drug, they are completely subject to its control; as supposed to alchohol, in which they remain in control of their own will.

    Therefore, to conclude, this sort of pleasure-giving stimulants are 'good' to the individual and to the state as long as they are in moderation, and do not lead to loss of control of human will.
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