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Ethics and profits

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    In England it was common to pick up homeless kids and force them to work cleaning chimneys. Many died as a result.

    So it just has to do with the atmosphere at the time.
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    Apparently they've risked their own lives as well.

    You have to know we'll never see these perps again.

    On the other hand, the richest of them will get away scott free.

    China has been exporting lead painted toys for our toddlers as well. It smacks of a subtle way to bring down the health of a rival nation or two. In fact, if you think about it, corporations have been employing this tactic for a long time. Just who they are loyal to is another question, other than the almighty.... buck.
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    They must have had a lot of melamine left over after the poison dog food scandal.

    They were putting the same stuff in wheat gluten that was sent to America a while back. It ended up in dog food.
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    I don't think these people are related to the other ones.

    And, I would not say that China is doing this. But I guess in the end, Chinese government is to blame (not China and its people). They never really considered the dog scandal seriously and now it killed infants (not Chinese infants but only *infants*)

    I wonder if Chinese government has those intentions.
    Human loss != nation loss
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    rootX, I'm confused by your post. What do you mean by killing "only *infants*" ?

    Please clarify.
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    I was replying particularly to this:

    IMO Majority Chinese/Americans think Chinese human loss is China's loss and American human loss is America's loss and it doesn't look right to me. Particularly infants are not Chinese or Americans - they hardly know either culture/language...

    P.S. I was just thinking of global human loss when corporations fail to recognize the risk to humans while making profits. And governments fail to stop those corporations.
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    More recently Chinese dairies have been diluting milk with water and adding melamine.
    It has been also added to baby formula, supposedly sold only in China. It causes kidney failure.

    Melamine gives a false reading on standard protein tests that are used to measure protein levels in food products.

    Last year melamine was found in American dog food that used imported Chinese wheat gluten as a component. The result in dogs was also kidney failure.

    The lead in imported Chinese toy has been an ongoing issue for several years.
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    If you and your ancestors have lived like those of the Chinese then it wouldn't be much of a shock. China has been a very poor country with huge population.
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    And so and so fiddled while Rome burned.
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    When it comes to big business, no one has ethics. Many people can put a price on a human life. I think Ford actually published a document back in the 70s when it was producing the Pinto, stating that a human life to them was worth $7 million or something like that. It was cheaper to let their cars kill people then it was to fix their mistakes.
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    Actually it was the Consumer Protection Agency who fiddled.
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    But that's just it: it wasn't cheaper to let the Pinto kill people than it was to fix it. The problem here isn't just greed, it is shortsighted greed. In the case of this tainted food, the odds of getting caught were probably pretty high, so the risk/reward calculus just isn't there.

    That said, there's a difference here: purposely selling food you know is poisonous is plain, ordinary murder. They are intentionally doing something they know or should know could cause deaths. The Pinto, on the other hand, was not purposely designed in a way that Ford knew would cause deaths. They found out later. There was certainly an ethical failure and an economic failure, but the conduct was not criminal. Indeed, in hindsight many years later, as the emotion of the issue fades, the issue actually gets less clear:

    Balancing safety and economics is not inherrently inethical. Indeed, such calculus is a critical part of good engineering.
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    I think everyone do that and it is not unethical.

    But, those companies never considered that they are risking infants (which IMO have higher cost than adults)
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    Case in point, the plastic bottle fiasco. So many mass produced products come in plastic or plastic lining... yes, Campbells soup cans. The plastics contain Bisphenol-A which is now causing many municipalities to ban their use or sale.


    Don't corporations take precautions and do extensive studies on their packaging or their products? Obviously not. Or... they do and there is some conspiracy to completely suppress any signs of a healthy nation on this continent. Disgruntled Nazis? Who knows? You tell me.
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    It seems like a really big scandal!

    and, it's strange that so many different corporations were using the same melamine method.
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