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Ethics in chemistry (a paper)

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    hey people,

    i have to write an approx. 10 page paper on some topic concerning an ethical issue in chemistry (or science in general) due monday.

    i am having difficulties thinking of a topic.

    any ideas?

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    Yeah, I'd slam them with Pantheist ethics... make them think twice. If you can't dazzle 'em with brillience, baffle them with BS. Hit 'em with something from out of left field they don't understand.

    Pantheist ethics have one of the strongest foundations of any morality and are the most compatable with the sciences. Essentially, pantheists believe the universe is Divine and, thus, everything that exists is equally sacred. Therefore pantheist ethics rest on the egalitarian principle, and the feelings of the individual which are just as sacred as anything else.

    Believing that everything is equally sacred does not mean a pantheist would never cut down a tree, just that they would attempt to maintain ecological balance and not interfere in natural processes unless necessary. On those occations when logic, experience, and science cannot make a determination, the individual feelings of the pantheist come into play more. Thus, pantheist ethics can be situational and evolve along with both personal and scientific knowledge.
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    Greetings !

    How about nanotechnology's medical promise for
    the future. In the relativly near future we will
    have nano-robots repairing our bodies. Further
    in the future the nano-robots could become similar
    to viruses spread across the planet to deal with
    human and othet illnesses. However, this can also
    turn them into the ultimate biological weapon.

    Yeah... I know it's "out there"...
    Just something that came to mind quickly.

    Peace and long life.
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    Cold Fusion of course. You could write a BOOK.
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