Ethics in Chemistry

  1. I am taking an undergrad course "ethics in chemistry" and I have to write a paper on a topic that deals with.. well... ethics in chemistry. :)

    I have some ideas, but in short... I am having a hard time deciding.

    Any ideas as to something interesting one can write about?
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    Could you perhaps describe the course a bit.
    Ethics in Chemistry is one of wierdest word
    combinations I ever heard. Is this about
    naming the elements and historic facts about
    profound researchers ? Or maybe something related
    to the application of various materials ?

    Live long and prosper.
  4. Indeed, is there even such a thing as ethics in chemistry? I mean, application of chemical discoveries (chemical engineering) needs ethics, but doing the science of chemistry itself seems pretty free from a neccessity for ethics.
    Unless I am missing something...
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