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Ethics in health care

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    I don't think we should try to reverse aging. Elderly dying of old age isn't quite as awful as babies dying of young age.
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    I saw a headline about cancer deaths decreasing in the US or something and was actually thinking about that. I gave a few seconds of thought to what medicine is trying to do when they try to eliminate diseases, reverse aging, make people live longer, save lives, etc... It's all great but I think there has to be a limit to it. I think that limit will be set by nature, but I don't think we will ever come close to reaching it. So, no I don't think we should stop trying to reverse aging or find cures for diseases or put any obstacles in the medical community's way when they try to do any of that stuff.
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    O.....kay........? :rolleyes:
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    What about advocating working out 6-7 days a week? Would you consider that good or bad? That would obviously extend the life span significantly. And what is your point about babies dying? Should I do something with this thread?
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    "reverse aging"

    "die of young age"

    A very silly joke which no one understood.
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    HAHAHA!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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