Ethnicity and Intelligence

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I want to state first I think I am a complete Tabula Rasa on this matter, with no bias.

This topic seems inevitably to be controversial but I am not looking to come at this from anything besides a scientific viewpoint. How is ethnicity correlate with intelligence and do those correlate have any phenotypical causation.

I wanted to learn some more of the subject but there seems to be on the internet no research in this topic that isn't highly disputed and controversial. Everything seems to be in one of 2 camps. Either A) "How dare you even ask that question?, everyone is the same at everything." Basically postmodern rubbish. Or B) White supremacist and other racist groups who have a vested interest in finding out that one race is more intelligent than another.

Are they any objective neurological studies on this subject? To me A&B from above are both completely unscientific since in both cases they already determined there outcome before asking the question.

I'm not sure this goes in the biology forums, but I really want scientific information on this, not just how some "feels" about it or what they wish was the case. I think it is a very important issue that has long term consequences for humanity.


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