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ETS Math Major Field Test

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    I scheduled to take this April 28. Other than the following links, do any good study guides exist for it? For abstract algebra, I was thinking about skimming through my textbook and making note of the important theorems. Any recommendations would be appreciated?


    http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/MFT/pdf/mft_testdesc_math_4amf.pdf [Broken]
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    Why are you taking this?
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    I second this. I never heard of this until just now.

    Do you need to take this as part of your "I'm graduating this May and my school would like to see how well they are teaching us basic undergrad curriculum"?

    From the sample questions this merely seems like an easy version of the GRE math subject test.

    Did you pay to take this or is your school paying for it? ... aka still you, but via tuition.

    To prep, I'd simply recommend taking practice GRE subject tests, then making sure you work every one you got wrong or were unable to finish due to time ... not like you have much time before the test.

    You can easily find at least one practice GRE math subject test online at ETS's site ... just navigate to GRE and subject exams then math.
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    It's required for graduation. The self-evaluation is part of the university's accreditation. We pay the $30 to take the exam.
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    Oh good, I'm a freshmen and was getting nervous about how badly I'd perform if I was to take this as a sort of aptitude test before freshmen year. Good.. Well, I suggest you do what the guy above your last post recommended you do, but as I'm a freshmen so I'm not one to take advice from.
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