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Euclidean space

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    Lets say you want to quickly pick points in order to nail some wood together to build a wooden ship.

    You can use one line to pick numerous points, or you can pick 1 precise point using two lines on a flat surface that is 2 dimensions. You can use various angles in between these two lines, or you can use an orthogonal relationship that is the coordinate axis.

    Where do you think one should start before adding another plank onto the ship in front or in the back of this starting plank?
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    Hey Trapezoidals and welcome to the forums.

    Your question is a bit vague in the way that the description is left too open for interpretation for the structure of the ship and the placement of the wood. This is just my opinion as I don't have a clear picture in my mind of what you're trying to accomplish (but other people might).

    Could you post a picture or diagram showing what you are trying to do?

    The other thing I would ask is how many nails do you have per plank and whether this is adequate for maintaing that the ship stays together? This is not so much a mathematics question but more-so a physics/engineering/carpentry question.
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