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Eudiometery(pls help me)

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    1 litre of oxygen and 1 litre of hydrogen are taken in a vessel of 2 litre capacity at normal temperature pressure .The gases are made to combine by applying electric spark . Assume that water is formed quantitively .How many grams of water are formed? What is the other component present in the vessel and in what weight ? If the vessel is now heated ,what will be the pressure inside the vessel in mm of Hg ? :smile:
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    challenging question
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    Water is H2O so each water molecule requires one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. How many oxygen atoms are there is a liter of oxygen (I assume at standard temperature and pressure- remember that molecular oxygen is O2-two atoms to each molecule- same for hydrogen, H2)? How many hydrogen atoms are there in a liter of hydrogen?

    Matching up hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a 2 to 1 ratio (Again, water is H2O), are there enough hydrogen atoms to match all the oxygen atoms, are there enough oxygen atoms to match all the hydrogen atoms? If not, which will be left over? How many molecules of water can you make? What is the mass of that much water?
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