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Euler force

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    Can anyone describe what the effects of the Euler force are? If you're not familar with it, it is a fictitious force that arises from a rotating object undergoing a change in rotation speed. Can someone tell me what the effects of this fictitious force are?
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    It should be something like this: suppose you're standing on a disk initially at rest. Then it starts to rotate, say clock-wise. At that time, the (inertia-)force you feel that is pushing you counter-clockwise is Euler force.
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    I'm trying to visualize it this way - if I was in a rotating coordinate system, (but unaware of it!), centrifugal force would be in one direction, coriolis would be a repulsive force (from me), and euler force would be perpendicular to centrifugal. I could be wrong, but I think it's a good question and I'm at work right now.
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