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Euler-Lagrange equations

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    In this document, how do I get 3.2 on page 12? I assume it is the Euler-Lagrange equation given in 3.1 just rewritten. But how?

    Many thanks in advance
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    Any hints? I think in 3.1 they take the time derivative to get to 3.2. But I still can't see how that works out.
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    Well, then you need to go back to your calculus text and check the chain rule.

    [tex] \frac{d}{dt} \frac{\partial L(q,\dot{q})}{\partial \dot{q}^{i}} =\frac{\partial^2 L}{\partial \dot{q}^{i} \partial q^{j}} \frac{dq^{j}}{dt} + ... [/tex]
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