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Homework Help: Eulerian Description of Motion

  1. Aug 1, 2006 #1
    hi can someone please check this answer for me as it doesnt agree with that my teacher has printed in his answers. Its the eulerian description of motion where

    a= u dV/dx + v dV/dy + w dV/dz + dV/dt

    The question is:

    Find the acceleration of the fluid particle described by:

    V= x^2 t i + 2xytj + 2yztk

    when t=2 at the point (2, -1, 3)

    I get the answer: a = 68i - 68j - 42k

    however answer given is:

    a = 68i - 100j - 54k

    Would be very grateful if someone could clear this up for me!


    Phil Hargreaves
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