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Euler's Method in MAtlab

  1. Apr 8, 2012 #1
    I have a program for Eulers method >>

    % Euler's Method for dy/dt = cost
    k = 1;
    y0 = 0;

    npoints = 500;
    dt = 0.01;

    y = zeros(npoints,1); % this initializes the vector y to being all zeros
    t = zeros(npoints,1);

    y(1) = y0; % the initial condition
    t(1) = 0.0;

    for step=1:npoints-1 % loop over the timesteps
    y(step+1) = y(step) + dt*k*(cos(y(step)));
    t(step+1) = t(step) + dt;

    plot(t,y,'r'); %plots the numerical solution in red
    hold on; %keep the previously plotted lines
    plot(t,yexact2(t)); %plots the exact solution (default plot is in blue, solid line)

    The graph asymptotically approaches pi/2, and I cant think of a way to deal with this.
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    It sounds like you're getting the correct graph
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