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Eulers method

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    We just started learning how to find diffrencial equations using the eulers method. I heard there is a programm in a calculator that lets you do that. I have a ti 84 I don't know the name of the program if you can be kind and give me the web site it would be appreciated. My calculus book had this question in which you have to find a point given the intial condition with dx like .05. Crazy!
    I was also wondering if you could use spreadsheet to plot and find the diffrencial equation easly.
    One more question :tongue:
    Can you find the exact solution if your dx approched 0 and is it possible to find an exact answer.
    Thanks for the help!
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    I have no idea about your TI, try reading the manual.

    Euler's method is a very simple method which works very well in Excel. The trouble is you have to take VERY small steps to get good results.

    As far as exact answer goes it depends on what you mean by exact answer. Numeric methods yield an approximate solution, however you have control over the number of "good" digits. Small step size and/or better methods yield better results. You can always get as many digits as you need. Is that exact?
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