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Eureka on light

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    ! Eureka ! on light

    okay, i was just reading about another theory of light on theory development when i got a eureka! you know that light is a electromagnetic wave and behaves as a particle thats because the particle is a smal entrapment of electromagnetic energy kept together by the electromagnetic force and so moves at the speed of light, has zero mass, behaves as a particle and a wave at the exact time!
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    Interesting thought.

    Consider this.
    Light, or rather, a Photon, is an entrapment of pure energy. It has no charge.
    The electromagnetic field is an effect caused by its entrapment, or more precisely, its release.
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    Since light is the only thing that is continously expanding (better pulsely expanding), my theory is that it could be that everything is collapsing at light speed while the point of light is merely still.
    Let's consider the relative movement as the cause of the illusory expansion-effect of light and invert all relationships that are involved in actual phisics theories.
    The limit of collapsing of three-dimensional space in some point would be experienced as "matter".
    If collapsing happen with a 3-dimension spherical symmetry each still point would be perceived from this point of view as a pulsating sphere expanding all around.
    I posted more detailed theory in "Could be Time consequent to contraction of Space?" thread.
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    The only change that light, the Photon, goes through is a lengthening of its wavelength due to redshift.
    Light itself doesn't expand. The light from a star will travel through space as individual photons.

    How does your theory deal with a light bulb or a laser ? Surely we're not collapsing at the speed of light towards it.
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    OK AWolf, I apologize for the lackness.
    The collapsing I'm speaking of is not 3-dimensional.
    If it was so we would observe objects around becoming smaller and smaller... and far away.
    So the collapsing must occur inside matter and towards a direction that is orthogonal to the known 3-dimension.
    This orthogonal movement cannot therefore be perceived as “space”. In fact we call it “time flowing”. Without this special movement (that must be also pulsating and with some spherical symmetry as I will demonstrate) one should wonder of time-continous perception of objects and particularly of some self-perception.
    Now, let us speak about light travelling.
    My theory states that light does not travel through space. Rather we have a kind of “swallowing” of space into any mass-point located in space.
    It would be clear that the relative movement remains the same, but with a little difference.
    If the mass-point, pulling the space to itself, interacts with another mass-point, the illusory “distance” between them has to be shortened to maintain space/time topologically integral (this behaviour leads to gravitational force).
    But if the same mass-point, interacts with a still (non-contracting) point (i.e. a light point), the mass-point have to “stop” its contraction towards the light-point to maintain space/time frame.
    This stopping is in turn perceived as “lightening” of the mass-point.
    This theory provides also a simple explanation of light nature.
    In fact if a mass-point stops its conctraction in a given direction, it is therefore “more free” to be attracted by all other mass-points towards the opposite direction, giving the illusion that “something” is pushing it in that direction.
    In other words I invite you to consider that all light phenomena could be due to a relative perception of reality from a point of view that is contracting itself at light speed: almost all phisical laws would maintain their correctness but their formulation could be rewritten in a more elegant manner.
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