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Eurohappiness Survey

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    Are you happy?

    Well apparently 87% of Europeans consider themselves happy.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070226/wl_nm/eu_happiness_dc [Broken]

    On this last point, those percentages seem to similar to the trends in the US.

    Estonians are the EU's chief optimists, while Hungarians are by far the biggest pessimists.
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    I am going to bias this thread :biggrin:

    When I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I was the happiest man in the Universe. :smile:
    Now stuck in VA, I am actually quite sad :frown:

    Joke aside, I am wondering exactly when this poll was taken, because it can make a huge difference, wether people would declare themselves "happy" or "concerned by politics".

    I would be interested to see the figures in details.
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    I'm happy about Europe but I'm unhappy about the rest of the world.
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    I am very happy to be in (WESTERN) Europe. Belgium is a very small country but life in here is great. Humanino, you should be living in Paris man. What the hell are you doing in VA, wherever that is ? :)

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    "And two-thirds of the 26,755 Europeans questioned think life will be more difficult for the next generation because of unemployment, the cost of living and uncertain pensions."

    That does not seem logical. When the baby boomers retire, lots of job opportunities will arise. I see this evolution in my own country as well. The government expects a serious increase in job opportunities for young(er) people within ten years. This trend has already started. Right now, many young people (all of my friends for example) have NO difficulty what so ever in finding a decent job. If i would quit the phd, i have already about 5 opportunities that are certain. This was seriously different in the early 80ties.

    I agree on the pensions though, but that is a problem we will fix.

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    VA is in the US of A :biggrin:
    I'm supposed to become a physicist here. :uhh:
    Apart from that, I'm riding my bike on large highways and that is actually the funniest part of my days :surprised
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    I agree that highly qualified people have absolutely no difficulty in finding jobs today in Europe, which was not the case even a few years ago. I also think it is the same in other countries.
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    Un soir, j'ai assis la Beauté sur mes genoux. - Et je l'ai trouvée amère

    Humanino, I have been wondering about your signature. I know what it means but i feel like i am missing the point. Some clarification please ? :wink:

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