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European Master's Program in Robotics

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    First off a little about myself. I graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta in Alberta, Canada. I have roughly a year and a half of experience working in construction as a field engineer and project controls specialist. I make really good money at my current job but find it difficult to put up with since it requires I work in remote locations and really isn't that challenging of a job. I have tried looking for other jobs but there is nothing in my direct area and relocation for an entry level job is a big turn off for companies(at least I would think so and it agrees with my never getting replies to my resume). I figured a master's program would help as it would give me some more specialized skills and show my interest in the field.

    I started searching around and came across a program that looked very interesting, I applied to it and have now been accepted. It is a European Master's program in Europe called EMARO(European Master's in Advanced Robotics). It is a relatively new program(started in 2007) but I have been able to get a hold of a few people that are in the program and they are happy with it and say the program for the most part is quite good. Personally I like the program because of the subject and the international aspect, my rotation would allow me to study in Italy then France and would give an option to work on my thesis in either Tokyo, Shanghai or Bangkok if I wanted to do that(which I would likely opt for just for the life experience it would give me).

    What I am unsure of is how robotics companies or even other technology based companies would view a program like this on my resume(especially North American based companies). Would they recognize the master's level degree? Will having studied abroad add to my resume or hamper it compared to if I did a degree here? I think this would be a great experience just not entirely sure what kind of opportunities it would open up for me down the road. Any information on what I could likely expect would be greatly appreciated.

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