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European Uni's

  1. Nov 21, 2005 #1
    So, i'm a US student. i'm in my second year at uni. I was thinking about transfering maybe to a school in europe. Here in the US we have sites like collegboard.com or princetonreview.com where you can search criteria and it'll show you all the schools that match your preferences. is there anything like that for other countries? what countries would be easiest to transfer to? which one's would give the best education? ie which would give a degree equiv to an american degree. i'm studying astrophys and math if that makes a difference. so just any info or advice would be helpful. thanks!
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    Is there any particular country in Europe that you're looking into?
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    If you wanted to go to a UK uni you would have to apply through UCAS:http://www.ucas.com" [Broken]
    In the course search section go to "subject search" then look for mathematics or physics (or both).There is info on there like entry requirements, links to the departments website, etc.
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    i was thinking england or spain. spain cause i know some spanish and would like to learn more. i'd like to learn a new language somewhere, but i dunno. i don't really know which countries to even start looking at. which are easier to go to as an american already half through their degree? or is it impractical and i should just wait?
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    I would not recommend Belgium. The level of undergraduate programs is so different here from the States that you'll have difficulty adjusting. Some for France and Germany. The UK seems to be your best bet.
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