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News Europe's New Crusade

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    As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1949 concerning the fate of Jerusalem. UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an "international city." That's a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

    The Vatican was behind this vile idea and persuades her puppet politicians to support it. Jesuit-Fascists have been laying in wait, patiently working underground, eager to emerge and spring their GRAND DESIGN upon an unsuspecting world: GERMANY'S FOURTH REICH - the revival of the so-called Holy Roman Empire!

    Captive Jerusalem - held hostage to foreign ideas and alien restraints - would be subject to remote control by an imposed "GOVERNOR" and his entourage of "INTERNATIONAL OFFICERS." These proposed ministers of Church and State are to be neither citizens of Israel or Palestine. Watch for these seats to be filled with dormant monarchs from Europe (Part III. City of Jerusalem). The Bible brands this counterfeit "King of kings" as THE BEAST! (Rev.13:18, 17:12).

    Such a royal European "governor" (promoted by the pope, endorsed by the Vatican, and stamped with the German mark of approval) - an anointed Merovingian Messiah - will wage an unholy war against all opposition! This modern Antiochus Epiphanes ("god in the flesh") will strike the "Time of Jacob's Trouble" and unleash the "Great Tribulation" of WWIII! This blueprint of the Beast is laid out before our very eyes, yet precious few take it seriously - for now. Many ridicule any idea of a threat from Fortress Europe and most probably won't wake up until it's too late!

    Normally, even the most liberal Jews are against any division of Jerusalem. But these are not normal times! Some Jews are prophesied to sell out their people and homeland! Why? They'll fall for EUROPE'S BIG LIE of "peace and security." Meanwhile, Europe flatters such KAPOS OF COMPROMISE and appeasement, stroking their egos with political attention, promising them a place in the "New Jerusalem" while setting Israel up for a fall. However, other Jews might be misled by this false messiah; a Germanic governor, the "Great King" claiming descent from the Royal House of David. After all, isn't a scion of King David destined to rule? Yes, but according to the Torah, the Holy Bible - not as a bloody sword and servant of the Catholic Church! To help clear up any confusion, the Great God of the Bible promises to call upon Two Witnesses - in the bold spirit of Elijah - to testify against Europe's counterfeit kingdom and expose it for what it is: a LIE FROM HELL!

    The accursed UN Resolution 181 has laid the groundwork for the fulfillment of many prophecies! It stretches the mark of the Crusader-Kingdom's borders to include 100 square miles around Jerusalem. We can expect such an area to be flooded with peacekeeping troops - "an army of peace." The Bible calls the bluff of the Beast's buffer zone and forewarns it signals Jerusalem's attack (Lk. 21:20). We should watch for a string of events - rigged by Germany and the Jesuits (who control Europe) - to gear up for a European onslaught!

    The Jerusalem theater of war is being prepared right now as Germany and the Vatican push for a bloody "Palestinian" state! They plan on wiping Israel's God-given name off the map! (Ps. 83). This evil European intrigue knows full well that such a state of chaos and confusion will destabilize the region! That's exactly what they want! Europe plans on riding in on their white horse as the Savior - disguised as "peacekeepers" to prevent WWIII. They'll rush to the scene and appear as "mediators" to stop the madness. However, their white horse is a Trojan Horse that will shock and betray both Arab and Jew!

    To invite the Europeans into the Middle East is an invitation for disaster! Their white horse will turn blood red when the wild beast tramples Jerusalem! Europe's new crusade will forcibly impose their German mark, the Vatican's false vision of peace, upon the Middle East! Fatima's folly will engulf the world with nuclear flames! The marionettes of Mariolatry (wolves in sheep's clothing) will be held responsible for such a holocaust! The Two Witnesses will take the stand in Jerusalem before a world court to condemn them! (Micah 6:2).

    The European combine - driven by Germany - is about to thresh the nations! They are on an unholy mission to fulfill their false religion. Their self-righteous and misguided zeal will deal harshly with all who dare oppose their heresy and hypocrisy! Ironically, Jerusalem is the threshing floor that will eventually blow them away! (Micah 4:12). The real Jesus (Yahshua in Hebrew) will soon make the Catholic chaff history! The God of Israel will rebuke them from His holy mountain, the Temple Mount - and grab the Beast and False Prophet by the scruffs of their neck and throw them into the Lake of Fire! (Dan. 2:35). The Holy One of Israel will purify the Earth oof their evil presence and rid Jerusalem of their Roman occupation! (Malachi 3:3).

    Before this wondrous Jubilee celebration, making null and void every asinine agreement and treacherous treaty, announced by the Two Witnesses: My beloved Jerusalem will be "established as a corpus separatum (separate body) under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations." In other words, the Crusader-Kingdom of Jerusalem will have been restored! With European royals who hail from the House of David to boot! They'll have ripped out and stolen the heart of Israel (Jerusalem) for their occult purposes! They'll have seized the coveted crown jewel (the Temple Mount) to adorn their delusion and mount their offensive!

    The accursed UN Resolution 181 enables the "Governor" of Jerusalem, who is exposed as a Beast, to seize emergency powers in the event of any threat, real or imagined, as he deems necessary. How convenient! All he has to do is create a crisis! This sets the stage for Jerusalem's Crusader-King to become a DICTATOR: This Dictator will be given a free hand to break bones: Security measures (Section 4): To keep law and order within the City, with focus on the holy sites, the Governor "shall organize a special police force…the members of which shall be recruited outside of Palestine (European Rapid Deployment Force). The Governor shall be empowered to (spend whatever is)…necessary for the maintenance of this force…".

    Jerusalem's Governor-Dictator can make or break his own rules! Basically, under the cloak of protection/security clause, a serious security breach, the governor can become a virtual dictator if he feels his administration is hampered or threatened; he can veto any bills that he considers inconsistent with his paranoid sense of security. He's offered the powers of darkness, the kingdoms of this world, by exerting his "Special powers of the Governor in respect of the Holy Places…in the City and in any part of Palestine….The protection of the Holy Places…located in the City of Jerusalem shall be a special concern of the Governor… The Governor shall be empowered to make decision on the basis of existing rights in cases of (religious) disputes…he may be assisted by a consultative council of representatives of different denominations (or he may not!)…" In other words, this Governor-Dictator - in his hour of darkness - can do what he wants, whenever and wherever he wants, not only in Jerusalem but throughout the Holy Land, with special emphasis on religious issues and sacred sites! The Devil stays focused whether or not God's People do: He knows the great and holy importance of Jerusalem to God and His Prophets. Jerusalem is the bottom line of any "peace process." It bears God's own signature. Satan fought to seize God's throne in Heaven and now he's after his seat on Earth: Jerusalem's Temple Mount!

    The Governor-Dictator of Jerusalem will closely monitor and control freedom of worship and freedom of access: UN Resolution 181, Chapter 2: Religious and Minority Rights (1) reveals that "Freedom of conscience and the free exercise of all forms of worship, subject only to the maintenance of public order and morals, shall be ensured to all" - in other words, if militant Muslims threaten to riot or wage war when Christian-Zionists or Jews are finally free to worship upon the Temple Mount, such religious liberty - for "maintenance of public order" will be DENIED!

    The sacrifices (soon to start) will be forcibly stopped! The Governor-Beast power, his administration from Hell, is supposed to last for an initial trial of ten years. (The Nazi Reich lasted for twelve). History warns that "absolute power absolutely corrupts." Who is so foolish to believe that someone with such sweeping powers would relinquish self-control? The Nazi March of Folly won't stop on its own accord, especially when Jerusalem's dictator can declare a state of emergency and slam the door shut for dissent, case closed, fate sealed.

    The Bible reveals the worst of it will last three and a half years, during which time some will receive shelter from the Storm, a safe haven from the Holocaust (Isa. 26:20, Rev. 12:14). The Two Witnesses will be offered divine immunity (during God's witness protection program of three and a half years) to enable them to bluntly reveal the dark secrets that hide behide the Vatican's veil (Isa. 47). They'll speak the plain truth, an outspoken message with miracles, and then God will permit their murder (Rev. 11:7). God will not permit anyone to touch them - his anointed - until after they've had ample opportunity to plead their case before the nations (Ps. 105:15).
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    That is an interesting take, and I'm not kidding, I always try to take end of the world theories seriously because you just never know. But do you have any proof? I suppose I coul just wait for the Two Witnesses to show the proof, but I'd like it now.
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    More paranoid pseudoBible-based conspiracy? Jeez!
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    Washing Brains!

    So you’re basing an “end-time” theory on the Bible and selective phrases contained within that are interpreted to suit your narrow view of a dynamic Universe (where humans really are quite inconsequential). The Bible is quite simply one of the most incestuous, murderous, racist books in the English language. A Book so polluted and doctored by the ruling elite that its true teachings have been distorted to the point of absolute nonsense.
    Didn’t I also read in that particular book that all Israelis are entitle to own a certain number of slaves (I think they had to be dark-skinned) for tilling soil and that people like Methuselah commonly lived for about 700 years? No, it couldn’t have been the Bible, it sounds more like a bad trip like Revelations (how drugged out was St John?).
    I believe humility is not accepting men’s word as absolute law, and faith is realising that all religions have this flaw.
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    Doesn't this "fit" a bit better in religion?
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    1) You can read Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

    2) The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine is an excellent source for keeping abreast of EU moves and exposing what's really going on. Check them out at www.thetrumpet.com

    3) Then there's the Euro-Skeptic homepage.

    4) When Nazi Dreams Come True http://www.originofnations.org/germany/Nazis%20&%20Europe/when_nazi_dreams_come_true.htm [Broken]

    That's for starters!
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    Greetings !

    Actually, I don't think anybody really cares what
    Europe thinks, in Israel, in the US and in
    all the other non-Europian countries of the world. :wink:

    The only thing that does make the EU unique
    is its economic prosperity, but in just a couple
    of decades, and that's not just my opinion,
    it will loose even that edvantage. (Unless they stop
    working 5 hours a day and immigration. Anyway,
    at least they won't starve to death with all that
    tourism. )

    Live long and prosper.
  9. Nov 24, 2003 #8


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    This is so funny. We really need someone to do a parody. Or is this the parody?
  10. Nov 24, 2003 #9
    If you really live in Israel you can smile with Europe but look to where Sharon brought you on economic and social level. A Dreamland or a nightmare? I am sure Sharon made already his fortune (i.e. personal pocket-money from the fence?), but did you? And if so ... by exporting to Europe at preferential tariffs?

    Now all the other non-Europian countries of the world may soon prefer the Euro currency over the $. One of the reasons which Bush wants to split Europe.
  11. Nov 25, 2003 #10
    Uhhhhmmmmm OK. So this thread is turned into American travesty again...(Israelians apparently like to identify themselves with americans so from now on I'll count you as an american) We americans are the best, the only ones that count and we will tell that to anybody. We do not know where (or what) eindhoven is (just to name something) but still we are far superior to anybody. It really doesn't matter that we have never been outside our own state/country, because we know everything about how things work outside our small Utopia. In general, everybody not american is a lazy bastard that goes to work only 5 hours a week (not 5 hours a day, you forgot to substract lunch time).
    They eat **** for dinner and stink from their mouths because of it. Furthermore the shower hasn't been invented there and as a result they stink even more. Specifically, we view Europe as our new disney world and so we do as we always do when we are in disney world: we behave in a ridiculous way and are very rude to the "park keepers" (that is, anybody weighing less than 200 pounds since these have to be native europeans).

    Ok, seriously now. I couldn't resist reacting to this (even if it WAS a joke, i think you really believe this) since it sounds so incredibly dumb and shortsighted. I think that the european economy will last far longer than the israelian economy, since that won't last longer than a year or two due to the current intifada.

    Furthermore I work about 70 hours a week and so do my parents and brother (and most other people I know, for that matter). I do not really understand what you mean by immigration but if it implies letting ANY foreigner in to our beautifull continent, I think this is better for the economy as a whole. Since these people get education here, they can bring that back to where they came from. This will eventually lead to an improved economy there and since they know who their friends are, they will want to trade with us (europeans, that is) thereby increasing our export. Furthermore at the moment we need foreigners because of "aging" problems. As in most western countries, we are at a point where the previous generation is going to retire, while the next has to bring up their pensions (we europeans DO look after our parents). This gives a lot of pressure on pension funds and the foreign people working here pay their part for keeping up these funds.

    To conclude: Allthough americans/israelians are very good at pointing with fingers when it comes to anti-semitism/racism, your post clearly shows the same lack of tolerance for other cultures or ways of living. That we do not prostrate ourselves in Jerry Springer like shows or eat kosher food does not mean we are lazy, long-haired, islamic hippies that smoke pot most of the day with one finger in our nose.
    Most europeans really do not want to choose between arab terrorists killing all jews or jewish fundamentalists pushing all arabs into the sea, since at the moment choosing either side is a choice between two evils. We only hope (very naively i'll admit) that it is somehow possible to just all be humans and sing a happy sing-along together....

    I thought that, since this is a physics forum, there were more intelligent people around. You just proved that this also is a prejudice. (i.e. being interested in physics does not imply intelligence). The only thing still speaking in your favor are the more intelligent remarks in other (physics related) threads.

    Now, to get back on-topic: Mr Ben-Ariel, I think you should be locked up in Guantanamo bay. I read most of your other posts as well and you come across like a regular nut case, islamic neo-nazi, hitler style. It is impressive that you last so long on this forum, most people would have been kicked out a lot earlier.
    If this world was full of people with the same "ideas" and "opinions" like you, WWIII would have started already 2000 years ago. Fortunately, most people believe in the real Jesus Christ (that is not the one you seem to believe in) and perhaps even more fortunate there are also people who believe in non (and that includes me). If there ever will be a WWIII (and i sincerely believe there won't) it will be caused by misguided people like you.

    BTW: what the F*** are you doing in a physics forum, anyway. Is it just that you got kicked out all other forums on the web?
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    Please do not consider this nut to be in any way representative of America. Most of our nuts would think he's a nut. Although, he does probably accurately reflect the views of Tom DeLay, a prominent member of our congress.

  13. Nov 25, 2003 #12
    ... a newcon which has a large, very large influence on the President and his policy. A President ... which represents USA.
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    Greetings !

    Well, I don't know what brought all that on,
    and I think you should practice reading comprehension. :wink:

    First of all, I was just talking about the Europian
    financial factor. I did not, nor do I even think in any
    way to insult Europeans in any other manners. My relatives
    are Europians and I was born in Europe (Russia) as well.

    What I am talking about is the finanncial future of the EU,
    and that's all. I've been to Europe many times, and I'm
    not at all saying that people in some EU countries are lazy
    at all, what I am saying is that they have, traditionaly,
    work ethics that greatly differ from those in the far east
    for example. Further more, I've seen several general economic
    reports that do not predict that the EU will have a very bright
    economic future, not that they say it'll go bankrupt, but within
    the next few decades it will loose a lot of its current economical
    influence, while countries like China, for example, will flourish.

    In addition, EU countries are experiencing relativly high
    immigration rates, even though they are now trying to seriously
    limmit them, from middle-eastern and African countries. And
    without any racial intention whatsoever, I believe it is true
    to say that this immigration is not a positive factor for these
    countries' economies at this time.

    Further more, if you were worried about the Israeli economy -
    you shouldn't be. Israel is now imerging from its economic
    downfall after the beginning of the second Intifada 3 years
    ago and the market crashes in 2000. Risk fund (hi-tech start-ups)investments in Israel are higher than those in all of the EU
    countries together and on 3rd or 4th place compared to US states.
    A number of critical reforms were passed in the last
    couple of years to increase the private sector by deviding
    previously government owned large companies - thus creating
    a healthier economy.

    Hope that was a bit clearer, then again - it seems yoo like shouting.

    Live long and prosper.
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