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Eurovision - who will win?

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    http://eurovisionmania.net/eurovision-contestants-2009/ [Broken]

    The Eurovision Song Contest has come an awful long way since the first time the continent’s budding lyricists first competed at Lugano in Switzerland in 1956. The UK has had its fair share of success, of course, from Sandie Shaw and Lulu in the Sixties through Brotherhood Of Man in the Seventies to Bucks Fizz in 1981. Katrina And The Waves were the country’s last winning act in 1997, however, and the omens aren’t good for this year’s entry, Jade Ewen. Despite the fact that her song, It’s My Time, has been co-written by none other than Andrew Lloyd Webber the Londoner who, unlike many of her recent predeccessors, can actually sing will again not only be competing against the other acts but also Britain’s questionable standing in European politics, though it’s hoped the 21-year-old actor/singer can avoid the humiliation suffered by the likes of Jemini, Javine, Scooch and Andy Abraham in recent years. Naturally, her 23-1 quote on betfair doesn’t make much appeal. Belgium’s entry has been attracting plenty of media interest, however. Described as a poor man’s Buddy Holly tribute band, Copycat have the kind of simplistic novelty value that Eurovision viewers seem to like and they might be a decent bet at 19-1 on betfair to make the top four, despite having to survive a semi-final. Norway are currently the hot favourites to win in Moscow with many convinced the elfin-like Belarus-born Alexander Ryback will be in dreamland with his song Fairytale but at 15-8 (betfred and sportingbet) you ain’t going to get rich, though you might with a saver on Malta. It’s probably fair to say that some countries take Eurovision far more seriously than others and the tiny Mediterranean island can certainly be classed among the former. No Maltese entry has ever won the contest but it’s finished runner-up twice in recent years and the accomplished Chiara, just touched off when a well-backed favourite in Kiev in 2005, is back for another tilt at the big time with What If We. It’s a decent tune and, if the international juries have any musical taste, it should be in the running so betfair’s 31-1 should give you plenty to shout about in the voting which is, let’s face it, a lot more entertaining than the contest itself!

    Who do you think will win?
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    I think it's safe to say that the UK will not win, since political voting will not allow us to. I think that was Andrew Lloyd Webber's aim, wasn't it, to show that the contest is not judged on the best song!

    As for who will win, I have no idea: it spoils the fun to find out about the contestants beforehand!
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    Sweden has an odd song this year, doubt we will win.
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    I didn't even know it was on!
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    We have only tuned in before for a laugh.If Graham Norton is not as caustic and witty as Terry Wogan we shall switch over.
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    I like the mezzo-soprano inclusion!

    And agreed with Dadface.
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    Going off on a tangent here, but as an American there are certain phrases that remind of old Monty Python sketches, as I rarely ever encounter them elsewhere. "Eurovision Song Contest" is one such phrase; also on this list are "Westham United" and "Death of Mary Queen of Scots".
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    What! You don't encounter West Ham United, commonly known as the Hammers or the Irons,the best football(soccer) team in the world and with the best behaved supporters.Oh Redbelly you are missing so much.Join us,jump on board and learn how to sing I'm forever blowing bubbles.
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    The winner is Norway!

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    Wohoo Norway!
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