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Homework Help: EV and velocity

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    1. Predict the minumum speed of a 20.0MeV proton as it passes within 1.0x10^-13 meters of a lead nucleus having 82 protons. (Note: 1eV = 1.6x10^-19 Joules)

    2. How do I start off?

    3. All i can think of is to get a charge for the lead nucleus by using q=ne which is the number of electrons/protons multiplied by the fundamental charge(1.6x10^-19) and also convert the MeV into joules using the note given at the end of the question.
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    Welcome to physics forums.
    That's a start. Think in terms of the proton's kinetic energy and (electric) potential energy -- you'll need to look up the equations for those, if you don't know them.
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