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Evaluating heat transfer coefficient for a cylinder

  1. Sep 23, 2012 #1
    I'm doing a steady-state thermal analysis for a cylinder geometry.

    Inside the cylinder is a heat source and this heat is going to water channel
    (modelled with FLUID116 elements) and the air.

    For air convection I have to define a heat transfer coefficient which is
    dependent on the flow of air around the cylinder.

    I'd want to evaluate the HTC analytically and with Ansys CFX.

    The cylinder is in a room with known dimensions and the velocity of air
    is also known.

    1) How do I evaluate HTC analytically? I know I have to calculate
    at least Reynolds number and Prandtl number and then Nusselt's number.
    After this I'm lost.

    2) I have modelled the room with the cylinder in Ansys CFX. Do I somehow
    get the HTC as an output from CFX for the elements on the surface of cylinder?

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