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Homework Help: Evaluating Limits Question

  1. Jan 22, 2014 #1
    Hello, I am struggling with limits in my calculus course and would appreciate a bit of help. The question is:

    So far I have tried the factoring and substitution methods but have not managed to match the answers given by online equation solvers. For example, when using direct substitution I get an answer of 4/3, whereas mathway (online solver) says the answer is x2-8x+12. Would someone please explain how that answer is possible? I've looked around online but nothing I've found seems to help in my understanding.
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    I get a limit of 4/3 as well. There's no way that I can see that the limit could be what you say mathway gives.
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    Thanks, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong.
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