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News Evangelicals going nonpolitical

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    Ivan Seeking

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    It appears to me that we are seeing a significant schism in the religious right, with the strong political rhetoric being displaced by the traditional role of churches – community services such as helping the poor and disadvantaged, feeding the hungry, assisting the elderly with their daily struggles, etc. This would seem to be a highly significant trend wrt politics esp when combined with the Republican voter’s rejection of the right-wing radio heads. This may be the end of an era!

    So we may end up having to thank Bush, Rove et al., and 8 years of Republican control for the political death of neoconservatism.

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    The Christian Right for all their efforts got almost nothing in the last 8 years. Lots of hot air but nothing substantive. This is with the Republicans controlling the Congress, the President, and pretty much the courts. The leaders of this group are pretty dense and don't seem to realize this (or maybe don't want to admit being bamboozled). However, the rank and file aren't that stupid. Why should they put a lot of effort and money into something that doesn't give them what they want?

    Better do like Jesus (and Paul) said and stay out of politics.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080622/pl_nm/usa_politics_evangelicals_dc [Broken]
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    Well, we'll see. Also, we need to be careful of what we're talking about when we say "religious right." Part of that group are politicians, lobbyists and policy people that aren't going to get any less "political" under any circumstances. Another part of the group are the actual churches and churchgoers/voters, and it may well be that they're starting to see that they've been taken for a ride, and have no real prospects of strong political connections in the short term anyhow. I'd like to believe that they've also gotten tired of the backlash from trying to use the power of the state to impose their ideas onto everyone else, and that they won't come running to vote for the next sheister who accuses his opponent of being soft on abortion, but somehow I think their passions will continue to play out in the public arena... The religion-conservatism industry has elevated many of the Culture War touchstones into identity issues for these people.
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    Sadly, I think its a cycle. People are stupid, and in a few years they'll be right back.
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    Article date: 1/25/08. Swing and a miss.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    re Cyrus: This seems to me to be rooted more in a changing worldview, than dogma. We do see cycles, but at the same time, our worldview will never be the same as it was twenty years ago. These kids have been raised with concerns that were entirely different than those of their parents. And even religions evolve.
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    The reality is that the neocons have been using Christians all along. The average rich person (the heart of the Republican Party) is not against abortion or gay marriage. However, they are sophisticated enough to understand that that the Republicans need the Christian Right and that the Republicans don't intend to ever actually give them anything.
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    I try and be optimistic, but I fear you will probably be proved correct cyrus. Jeez, why are there so many idiots?! And why do they have to meddle with the affairs of everyone else?
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    Ha! Ha! Did you notice that? Look up a couple of posts. I quoted myself and didn't even know it. Isn't that a sign of being crazy?
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