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Evaporation formula

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    I would like to know how to quantify the evaporation of a liquid.

    I assume it would depend on pressure, liquid vapor pressure & temperature but I can't find a formula.

    Can somebody help?

    I need to find out if some possible oil contaminant would show up in an RGA analysis

    Thanks a lot

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    Try this:
    m-dot=evaporation rate kg/hr
    A=surface area, square meters
    V=air velocity over water surface, m/s
    Pw=saturation vapor pressure at water temperature, mm Hg
    Pa=saturation vapor pressure at dew point, mm Hg
    Hv=latent heat of vaporization of water at surface temperature, from 2257-2270 Kj/Kg

    This same formula is contained in other parts of the evaporation rate thread.

    I'm not sure if this addresses the issue you are asking about--the contaminant in the mixture.
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