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Even though I don't STRONGLY support this theory

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    Here it is!


    I think that Electromagnetism is just two forces put together in one category. Gravity attracts all, and another force repels all.

    Since you can never have a purity between the Gravitational pull being givien off, and the x force(repulsion force) being given off, you get charges. - is more Gravity, and + is more x force. The + is attracted to the x force because it wants to be even, and balanced...Otherwise it would (somehow) break down into three balanced particles.

    Weak Force:

    Weak force is only energy packets in the form of waves being given off as communication to other particles. The energy packets are not charged, and each time energy packets are given off, the one that gives them off loses mass (I am accepting einstein's e=mc^2) equal to the energy given off divided by the speed of light.

    The one that gets the packet gains energy equal to the energy recieved divided by the speed of light.

    Weak force only occurs between patrticles of different mass, to even each other out.

    Strong Force:

    Strong force is pure Gravity. The center of the nucleus is actually the one that gives off the gravity, because it is pure. The 'protons' counteract it by having an excess of x force. Therefore, in antiatoms, the center must give off pure x force, with the 'protons' charged with an excess of gravity.


    Either you accept my original Electromagnetism theory, or you can go with this one.

    Gravity is just waves being given off to pull another object closer, with space-time(dimension) acting as an aether, it attracts matter and pushes antimatter away. X force, I guess, is the opposite, and the waves are pushing the matter away, while attracting the antimatter.

    Also, could antimatter be packets of antienergy with the opposite of all of these theories?

    Give me feedback on this...Please.
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