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Evening fellow physics lovers

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    Just to introduce myself.
    My name is Nathan, I am 33 Years old, and live in Melbourne Australia, with my beautiful wife and 2 kids.
    I work as a Sales Manager for a medical refrigeration manufacturer.
    I finally got a choice to move on from being on the tools (refrigeration service and repairs) to being behind a desk. Both have their positives and negatives.

    I do enjoy physics, and learning new things best I can.
    Although I don't have much time for dedicated learning these days, just trying to pay all the bills that never end.

    I have joined this forum for an answer to a specific question to do with induction circuits. I will put that in the appropriate forum.

    Have a great day/evening/morning/sleep (etc) peoples!
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    Welcome to a person who actually reads the intro email and the rules :smile: We get tons of people joining who just post their question in the intro section even though they have been specifically asked not to, so my hat's off to you. Hope your question gets answered.
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