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Event Place (Location) of Big Bang in Univers

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    Dear Sir,

    Going through the books at Cosmology written by Mr. Matt Roots, Brife History of time by Sir, S. Hawkins and first three minutes by Mr. Steven Weinbergs. The Event Place of BIG BANG ( the location of Big Bang) is not mentioned.

    Suppose in univers at Poit "A" the Big Bang occured. what happend of the Point "A". The point "A" also become embeded or it is within the embeded sruface. . Will CMBR help us to locat the Point "A".

    With regards,

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    Simon Bridge

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    It is, they just don't make a big deal out of it: the big bang does not have an "event-place". It is something that happened everywhere.
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    No, because there is no such point. The big bang was not an explosion of matter and energy into pre-existing space. It was a rapid expansion of the entire universe all at once. This means that it occurred everywhere.
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    You appear to be stuck on this idea of a preferred reference frame, this idea was abandoned a century ago. Our understanding of the universe suggests a preferred direction or location does not exist anywhere in the universe.
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