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Event that shaped scientist

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    can anyone tell me if there's any particular event which happened in the past which helped shape the creative and childlike mind of famous scientist, thx.
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    Hmm...not sure the "childlike" part of the assumption is necessarily true. Some of the best scientists were downright asses. In fact, maybe this is a common trait among the best scientists, at least in physics.
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    Macdonnells 1968
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    You are talking about individuals, so I would say no.
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    Hey, im an a-hole! Thats me!! <- points to self raising hand.
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    Ive never seen someone so glad to be an a-hole.
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    Thats because I lack shame.
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    Einstein and Feynman only spoke their first words at 3 years of age. However, it is much too late for any of us to take that route. :cry:
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    I don't know about famous scientists, but there is an interesting controversy, that Hitler's anti-semitism dates back to his interactions with schoolboy Wittgenstein...
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    thx people, greatly appreciated
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