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Ever feel like you dont know what you want out of life?

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    im confused with almost everything i want in my life right now, and im already a junior in college, becoming a senior next year. i dont know whether i want to pursue math, physics, or engineering
    i dont know how i should focus my time to improve academically and/or socially. if i choose to pursue a phd in pure math or theoretical physics, i have to focus much more on academics. if i decide to go into industry, i have to improve socially big time, since i lack social skills big time
    i dont know what kind of friends i want. for now, the only things i talk with my "best" friends are classes and sports. i know that if i want to experience more fun in life, like meeting women, i need to get more hobbies and know more about stuff normal people talk about - but it seems to require too much work/time
    heck, i think one of the reasons why i got into math/physics so much in the first place wasnt because i like the subjects so much as it was that i just wanted to get away from people due to bitter experiences, which I have gotten over most of them now
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    It seems like you have two problems:

    1. You don't know what career you want/ whether you want to go to grad school, etc..
    2. You have social problems and don't know how to interact with people.

    Note that these are not distinct problems, in the sense that 2. is a problem regardless of your solution of 1. Furthermore, 1 is not an uncommon problem and it is not as worrying a problem as 2.

    Solutions I would advise:
    1. Talk to your professors, attend careers fairs, try and get advice on different careers or options from as many people as you possibly can.
    2. There are a plethora of threads in GD discussing this: you should probably try and search for them, and look up the advice given there.
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