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Ever visited Holland?

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    Comments please :)
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    never visited, but did a lot of reports and read many books as a high school student...even dressed up as a dutch native with the hat and wooden shoes! i never learned much of the language, as it seemed somewhat difficult...everyone always talks about how liberal amsterdam is, but i just want to see the dutch country side!
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    I have not only visited Holland, I have walked through it from north to south (not a difficult task, I know, because the country is so small). I loved Amsterdam, the polders, the Zuider Zee.

    I quite liked the beer, Heineken and Grolsch mostly, though I think British, Belgian, Czech and German beer is much better (am I allowed to talk about alcohol here?).

    I loved the political system and the liberalism and tolerance. I loved the racial and cultural diversity of Amsterdam.

    I didn't like Edam and Gouda.

    The men and women were very attractive.
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    No. But i heard a crazy story about it.

    I think it goes that there are "Drug Parks" in Holland, where drug addicts can just go there to take drugs, without being arrested. They are even provided with drugs there.
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    Nope, Monique. The only foreign countries I've visited are Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

    - S.
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    When I was 13, in 1972. I remember "Damm" potato chips, beautiful gardens, flat land, a dike museum, and a report on Dutch TV about a building that collapsed 5 miles from my home in Virginia, about the time of the massacre in Munich, where I had just visited.

    When is one appropriate to use "Holland" over "Netherlands"? "Holland" invokes for me traditional images, such as tulips and wooden shoes.
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    Yes, I've visited both North and South Holland. My ancestors are from Nord Brabant; so, I spent some time there as well... and I visited Utrecht too.

    I promised my sweetie that when I finish my schooling, I will take her to Amsterdam on vacation and buy her a diamond.

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    Well, I think you are talking about a church in Amsterdam which is providing a place for addicts to shoot up. Better to do it in a controlled environment where the needles go into biohazard containers than out in the open air.

    And thanks for the responses guys!

    To clarify the difference between Holland and the Netherlands: Holland are two out of the 13 provinces that make up the Netherlands, these two provinces have played major roles in the history since they are on the North Sea. The Hague (seat of the government) Amsterdam (port, capital) Rotterdam (sea port) are all in Holland (either north or south).

    Besides that, Holland is the part of the country that was mostly reclaimed from the sea, going all the way back to the 14th century. Very fertile grounds, perfect for agriculture and flower industry, cows and sheep, fishing villages :)

    Kerrie, why did you have to dress up as a dutch native?? And
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    I would love to visit Holland, to see the...ummmm....wooden shoes and windmills?
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    I like to say "Grolsch".

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    3 Weeks in Den Helder in port on a US Navy ship. Beutiful place. Mmmmmm, topless beaches..... Amsterdam is pretty wild too - and actually a pretty rich city culturally.
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    Lol! So the legends are true indeed. I'd better put Holland as my next travel destination. If i can persuade my dad to bring me there first though......
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    the Netherlands are wonderful, i have not been there sense i was twelve but i do recall it being a great place. my family had some friends that lived up near Amsterdam why we were living in Germany so we took the opportunity to visit quite often. it is a lush land with flowers everywhere, wonderful people most of whom speak many languages, carnival is a party the likes of which i have yet to see matched, and even the little things like thatched roofs that are an amazing thing to see close up and first hand. sure the red-light district and the drug parks can be rather shocking as well, especially at the age of twelve, but it is all part of life. the wonderful thing there is the way they do not promote intolerance and instead they work to help others understand and resolve such problems in constructive ways. take your children to the heroin park to see the junkers shoot up and you can feel considerably more certian that the childern will not follow that same path, even though they know they are free to do so.:wink:
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    Sure. Every year there is a conference about Lie theory at the Twente University, near Enschede. Nice place. Also Amsterdam, Groningen, etc.
  16. Mar 15, 2005 #15
    Enjoyed reading it..
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    Quite often come to Amsterdam in buziness ... definitely in my top 3 cities list ... love the place, and the spirit ... :!!) ... in this respect, IMHO, the rest of the world could learn a lot from the Dutch !
  18. Mar 15, 2005 #17

    yes many times,

    worst food ever

    I hate 'Albert Hein'

    marlon, from Belgium, where the food is magnificent
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    Darn. I just want to smoke the weed.

    Kidding. Actually I'd love to vist there, See the pissing boy and the capital.
  20. Mar 15, 2005 #19


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    I have been there a couple of times. I liked it very much. The weather seemed to instantly get better once you crossed over from Germany (where I was living at the time).
  21. Mar 15, 2005 #20


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    Why would you hate a grocery store?
    I had the worst food in Paris, you just need to know where to go :tongue:
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