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Ever wondered what law perspective follows?

  1. Jun 23, 2005 #1
    Anyone ever wondered what law pespective follows? If there is one... I mean a relationship between apparent height and real height over a distance. I was going to try an experiement if I ever get round to it. I'll be disapointed if its just another inverse square law :biggrin:
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    I just did a quick exp then and I think its a linear relationship.
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    I tried it with the lights at work and it didn't seem to be I'll try again lol
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    Well i held a phone x distance awy nad held a ruler to my eye and measured the apparent height, and then i moved the phone 2x away and the height increased lineraly (i think!)
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    Hmm found a ruler. I seem to get it as it halfs with doubling the distance. So is that 1/d? Can't think tonight.
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    Yep - linear relationship

    Apparent height = k/distance

    where k is a constant
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