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Every thing is energy.

  1. May 2, 2014 #1
    Everything is energy. I like to see someone refute this, to help me understand better Einstein's E =MC2, which seems to say all matter is composed of energy. I believe this may be the key to a unified theory.
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    Energy has a particular unit. That which does not have the unit of energy is not energy. Charge, for example, does not have the unit of energy and thus is not energy.
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    you are speaking of the measurement of energy, not energy its self. For instance atoms are energy, the specific amount of energy is not important here, as are the things that make up atoms, be it quarks photons strings or whatever. further more energy may have a unit. Just because you don't know what that unit is, does not mean it is not energy. I have gas in my car, the unit of energy it will supply to me is unknown at this time, but it is still potential energy.
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    And where does the equation say that matter is energy? Matter is nowhere in that equation.
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    That isn't the way that this forum works. We don't discuss personal speculation even for the purpose of shooting it down.
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