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EveryCircuit and parameters

  1. Oct 12, 2015 #1
    In the EveryCircuit, the element diode has all these parameters:


    And I don't know what each parameters means...

    The program don't inform anything, so, what these parameters means?

    I searched for a manual in the google and don't exist too... And now? Exist so much elements whose with so much functions that I don't know what means...
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    I'm not familiar with EveryCircuit but..

    These parameters will usually vary depending on the make/model of diode and are built into the library models provided with a simulator. You can usually leave them alone unless you are trying to model a particular diode that's not in the library and even then these parameters may not effect the operation of your circuit.

    Saturation current..

    Ohmic Resistance see #4 here..

    The emission coefficient (ideality factor) is a measure of how closely the IV curve matches that of an ideal diode..https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Semiconductor_Electronics/Diode/Diode_Maths

    Junction Capacitance A diode has a depletion layer that prevents current flowing across the junction. There is a certain similarity between this region and the plates on a capacitor. Indeed at high frequencies this capacitance can allow some current to flow across the junction making the diode less "ideal". In some applications this capacitance can be useful. For example by varying the DC voltage you can change the width of the depletion layer and vary the capacitance. This effect is sometimes used in the tuning circuit of a radio - the diode is used as a variable capacitor controlled by a DC voltage.
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