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Everyone Has a Perfect Universe?

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    According to one idea of quantum m, when the universe is faced with a decision at the quantum level that all decisions are made and the universe splits into new universe one where each decision is made. This quickly means more universes than we would ever be able to comprehend. Also leaving the possibility for universes to travel back in time, everyone have a universe where everything is perfect to them, a universe where a person could walk through walls there whole life, a universe where a sperm goes through the male into the female and impregnates her with while walking by, or a universe where it has already ended. However because of the huge number (and I mean fricking huge) universes there would need to be there are many that are similar. However as abstact as this sounds it does not mean that I believe in the new universe idea, its just some food for thought.
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    You are speaking of the many worlds interpretation, it was created to solve the measurement problem. So, in MWI there's no collapse of the wavefunction, it has lead some authors to prpose the concept of Quantum Immortality
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    indeed immortality would be possible
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    But beware! EVERYTHING happens in the multiverse, the bad as well as the good. Worlds where you were never born. Worlds where you were killed in an accident as a toddler. Worlds where Hitler won and we all died in the death camps. This gradually dawned on science fiction authors and greatly darkened their stories.
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    So true, but the science fiction stories here are not as Grim as for Quantum Theorists if there happens to be a Universe's that wavefunction DOES NOTcollapse! :biggrin:
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    lol then maybe my damn example would have worked that i posted in general physics
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    I have never understood this point. According to the many worlds interpretation one needs a preexisting quantum superposition in order to have splitting of worlds.

    If it is claimed that worlds may spilt as e.g. me living long and prosper and me beeing killed in an accident, this would imply that it existed a quantum superposition which contained the possibility of both worlds before they split.

    Since there is no quantum superposition of macroscopic objects, then I have to conclude that it is assumed that the collapse of one single wavefunction "somewhere" determines the fate of somebody?

    Let’s say, it is assumed that we are somehow always some kind of Schrödinger cats under the tyranny of some decaying atom…?... :devil:

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    Put this in your bottom drawer and next time your Prof gets shirty with you during a lecture throw this at him:

    In the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Theory they have to allow for every conceivable Universe, even one where the Quantum intepretation of Wavefunction collapse does not actually happen.

    In this Universe, the Laws of Relativity did NOT lead to the Quantum Intepretations and to the birth of Quantum Mechanics, this Universe functions with only Relativity, there is no branch off into any other Universe and consequently any other 'world'.

    Question?..in this Universe we can ask, does Relativity survive without Quantum Mechanics..ie Will this Universe still function with only Relativity to explain the governing Laws?

    Depending on his/her response, there are a number of interesting possible outcomes (which are not many other world interpretations!) :smile:
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