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Everyone knows CBGBs, right?

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    I live in a small suburb of New York City, it's about a 50 minute drive to the area of where CBGBs is.

    Anyway a friend and I are trying to get a bad together. There are only 2 drummers in our school that we know of, both of whom are already in other bands and whom we frankly don't get along with, so we were trying to think of other people we know who play drums. So anyway, I had met a kid when I was taking lifeguarding training who lives 30 minutes from me that plays the drums, so I brought him up as a candidate.

    I then remembered several things, firstly the drummer I was thinking of is in all honors/AP courses so his schedual is going to be very hectic around this time of the year, and secondly, that he's already in a band. I told my friend this, saying that he was already in a band and it was doubtful that he'd be able to work with us that often, seeing as they were already playing shows, and had even booked a few gigs at CBGBs.

    At that, I got a totally blank look. My friend doesn't listen to punk and never has besides "Nevermind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols", so it's not like he has any wealth of punk knowledge, but I thought that CBGBs was one of the most famous venues in the world. I said "You know, CBGBs, it's the most famous punk club in the world", but he had really never even heard of it before.

    Is CBGBs really not that well known by people who have no liking for punk, or did my friend just happen to miss every reference to CBGBs ever? I've asked pretty much this same question on music forums, and unanimously it was known. I figured that if international physicists knew it, then my theory would pretty much be proven beyond a doubt. I'm not a punk and I listen to less than 3 punk bands regularly, but I thought that CBGBs was the most famous music club in the world, can anyone think of any venue that only does music which is more well known than CBGBs?
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    jimmy p

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    I have never heard of CBGBs. How bout the Royal Albert Hall?
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    When I was a young man, we listened to punk in clubs where people bashed each other over the head with broken beer bottles and punkers wore Doc Martens with razor blades inserted in the toes, and we liked it! CBGBs used to be a very dangerous place. I was actually thrown out one time.
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    I was in the East Village a week ago and went to a karaoke bar with some friends. I passed by CBGB's and there were so many punks,goths, rockers, etc.. and saw the largest Mohawk ever. I have spiky hair so I kinda fit in :) I believe CBGB's is the first place the Ramones performed at.

    That part of the city is a really cool place to hang out, with bars here and there, and people seem much more friendly, open and outgoing.
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    when i was a young boy, i played the silver balls, from london down to brighton i must have played them all......
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