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Everyone Wants My Personal Information!

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    I'm just getting so fed up.

    When I go to a store to buy some stupid thing like a pillow, they want to know my zip code or phone number.

    When I try to take a tour of a gym nearby, they won't let me unless I give a cell number AND my email address.

    And now I try to sign in to my old hotmail account and they say I won't be allowed access anymore unless I give them my cell phone number in the next 30 days. Guess that means I won't be using hotmail anymore, and it was my very first email! I've had it for almost 20 years but I DO NOT want to give them my cell phone number!

    I'm mad as hell and I won't take it anymore!!1

    My philosophy is, the relationship between me and a merchant begins when I walk in the door and ends when I leave. Am I the only one who is tired of giving people access to ME?
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    You know, I've thought about starting to deny people that information. I might start doing so.
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    You are absolutely not alone :biggrin:. My philosophy nowadays is that I NEVER fill in any personal information unless I want to. And if someone/some place I don't trust requires info, I fill in minimal and sometimes even false information. I don't feel ashamed at all by this; I know that such information can be used to spam me - and it can even be sold further to other places - it has happened to me, and it makes me really mad. I don't want to spend time dealing with such things.
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    What's hinky is they don't automatically explain exactly why they need the information. "To better serve our customers," is some kind of obscurantist double-talk if I ever heard it.
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    The zip code is for target marketing. The stores here stopped some time ago, or maybe I'm no longer going to those stores.

    Heck no I would not give an e-mail service my phone number.
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    I hate it a lot! :grumpy:

    There should be something like @junkemail.com kind of email.
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    You can always try singing this tune to them the next time. :cool:
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    I went to buy a pair of shoes the other day and the sales lady asked for my phone number. I replied that I didn't need their shoes that bad and left. Should have seen her dumbfounded look. :thumbs:

    Hotmail went bye-bye so if you want that same @hotmail.com address you'll have to bite the bullet.
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    There is absolutely no reason for asking for a phone number unless maybe you're trying to pay with a personal check, but the number should be written on the check in case it bounces. In which case, the phone number is probably as bogus as the check.
  11. Sep 13, 2013 #10
    Please ask them straight what they get them for. The guys know why their employers ask them to do such a job. This seem redundant and annoying to customers, their boss might know it. In case he doesn't, perhaps he is a foreigner :) who needs to know how redundant the stuff he is working on is to the business mainstream he is following. There are proposals, so there should also be counter proposals.
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    When I'm asked to give that kind of information I get so stressed that I always give the wrong zip and phone number.

    It keeps me up at night wondering if they are trying to contact me....
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    Choose an alternative if it really bugs you.

    If someone gets the message from enough people that its not a positive thing to keep hoarding personal information, then they will pull back if its in their interests.

    Most free things are not free (like hotmail): a lot of free tech products are just big data mining/information-gathering outfits that collect and process lots of data for the purpose of using it (and the inferences that are implied by the data) and either using it directly or selling information to other interested parties.

    This is all in that long agreement that no-body reads, but this the price you pay for free services provided by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others.
  14. Sep 13, 2013 #13
    :biggrin: I think you become really smart because of stress. I never give unknown people my real address, phone numbers at all. We tend to verify the validity of the resources before further making use of any if we want, right ?
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    Give them the phone number of your favorite telemarketer. I use 90210 as my SS#.
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    I just make things up. Generally I don't' get upset with the clerks themselves, it's not really their fault that the company they work for does weird quirky marketing.

    I have a junk email address as well which I breeze through weekly.

    I am a little irritated with Facebook, with it's mass data collecting--packaging and selling. It doesn't impact me as an individual specifically, but I'm not entirely sure if I agree with it or not.
  17. Sep 13, 2013 #16


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    You could just give a fake number...:biggrin:
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    Yeah, my number is (local area code)-867-5309
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    I don't give out contact information on the Internet. Considering how many times personal information has been breached recently, I may regret ever having given out the information that I already disclosed years back to make on-line purchases. If Amazon's servers are breached, heaven help the masses. Amazon must be the fattest hacker-target ever.
  20. Sep 13, 2013 #19
    before i comment on this issue i would like everyone on this thread to pm me their email addresses
  21. Sep 13, 2013 #20
    Hey there,

    there is something like that:


    You do need to give an email in order to create a spamgourmet account, but that account is private.

    Also, you guys could create an alias. Perhaps name it "herecomesspam@whatever.com. Pretty much any email providers allows you to have several aliases.

    Also, it would help if you chose email providers not hosted in lolamerica.
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