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Everything has a reason

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    All the forces aim in the direction of minimising their energy to be as low as possible. Gravity pulls things down, energy was put into the object to move it away in the start however gravity is only attractive. It doesnt make sense that with the electric and magnetic forces to have a repulsive quantity to them. They are at lowest energies when they are infinitely appart?

    Could there be some reason why in the long run same charged particles or same pole magnetic fields repell?
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    How else could it be ? If like charges did not repel, the universe would fall apart ( and people's hair would not stand up in that freaky way).

    The moon's gravity is pulling me 'up' when it is overhead !

    Why not ?
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    The universe started at one point. Work was done to move them appart to where they are now, so i assume they will come back together due to gravity (dont kill me on this one lol, i know the universe is accelerating but bear with me). Since they have repulsive quantities to them, they would not be in a state of rest prior to the big bang so how could there be an outside force there keeping them together if all known energy of the universe is there at that exact spot.
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