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Everything made up of atoms?

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    I’ve looked over the other forums, and thought that this would be the best place for this.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it has been very confusing.

    If atoms are the building block of matter, therefore everything is made up of atoms, how is it that atoms could create live, breathing, reproducing organisms?

    What I’m trying to get at, (if anyone else is on the same level of thinking as me) is it just me or is it hard to imagine that these simplistic atoms, when joined together in a certain order, can create anything and everything in the universe??? :bugeye:

    It just might be due the lack of my chemistry education, but this is quite puzzling to me.

    Anyone help me out please? (providing you understand what I'm trying to ask here)
    Thank you,
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    You seem to wonder how simple building blocks can combine to form complex systems. Consider a computer program: just 1s and 0s. Combining these differently can produce a word processor, or an audio clip, or a game, all very different results from the same 1 and 0 components. Consider bricks. Combine them differently to form either a school of a driveway. Complex systems such as living systems are what they are not because they are made up of different elements but because these elements are arranged differently.
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    To be fair... a computer program does not have 'reasoning' (I belive thats the word I am looking for) like humans do, no matter how sophisticated it is.

    I look at humans and think how amazing it is to beable to live and breath these atoms, which sustains everything.
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