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Evidence against planck scale?

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    arXiv:astro-ph/0301184 v3 27 Jan 2003

    The phase coherence of light from
    extragalactic sources direct evidence against
    first order Planck scale fluctuations in time
    and space

    Nevertheless, the obvious test bed for quantum gravity has indeed been
    provided by this Gpc distance source; the outcome is negative. No doubt
    one anticipates interesting propositions on how time and space may have
    contrived to leave behind not a trace of their quanta.Thus, from Michelson-
    Morley to extragalactic interferometry there remains no direct experimental
    evidence of any sort that compels us to abandon the structureless, etherless
    space-time advocated by Einstein. These points, together with in-depth
    discussions on how Planck scale phenomenology affects the appearance of the extragalactic sky, will be the subject matter of a paper by Ragazzoni and colleagues.
    has this paper by RAGAZZONI been published?
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